Photo Essay: Joy and Thanksgiving in Gadid

Arutz-7 gives a glimpse inside the celebrations and community events going on in the small village of Gadid despite their facing expulsion in less than two weeks.

Gush Katif Correspondent Yishai Fleisher , | updated: 15:31

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The Gush Katif town of Gadid is an agricultural community which neighbors N'vei Dekalim.

Wednesday night, residents held a celebration in Gadid in thanksgiving to G-d for the many miracles that have sustained their community.
Resident of Gadid gathered in the towns main square for the thanksgiving ceremony.

A white donkey and carriage calls upon residents to join the march toward victory.

The children of Gadid release orange balloons.

One of the models of their beloved village constructed by the children. "For Your miracles that are with us all day, and for the wonders and goodness of every moment," reads the text.

A highlight of Israeli-style gathings is the traditional sing-along.
Gadid's youth singing the song they composed.

Song sheets featuring classic Israeli songs and anthems composed by local residents.

Some lyrics from Wednesday night's songs:

MIKAN [From Here] (by Shlomi Shabbat)

"From here, doesn't matter to where
We will not move from here, together we will stay, and maybe...
From here a morning will rise, and I won't be surprised that I'm still here.

"Here everything started and it will never end.
Here we swear again, pray with everyone
We will not be alone gathering the hope
This night, it is still alright for us to cry.

"From here, I have a little light, I am still here
That is always a sign that more good is about to come
G-d takes, G-d gives
A blue and white light
Here everything began..."

AL KOL ELEH [On All These]... (by Naomi Shemer)

On all of these, on all of these
Guard them for me, my good G-d
On the honey and on the sting on the bitter and on the sweet
Please do not uproot that which is planted,
Please do not forget the hope.
Return me and I shall return
To the land that is good.
Last week, Gadid held a festival to enable the towns veteran residents to meet and socialize with the new residents that have poured in since the announcement of the Disengagement Plan.

What people in Gush Katif are reading.

(Photos: Yishai Fleisher)