Expulsion Plans: Police to Sleep in Homes, PA To Fly Flags

Police, falling behind schedule, plan to sleep in Gush Katif after expelling its residents. Meanwhile, the PA is preparing to fly 60,000 flags, 20,000 honoring Yasser Arafat, over the Jewish homes.

Hershel Cummins , | updated: 12:00

"We have been given two weeks to a month to finish the evacuation," according to Haggai Dotan, commander of the expulsion force. "Every entry and exit in and out of the Gush will delay us. We will therefore evacuate a house, comb the area, sleep in the house and continue the task the next day. If necessary, we also will sleep on the grass."

He estimates that about half of the 1,500 families in Gush Katif will leave voluntarily and that police will have to force the others out of their homes.

After the projected withdrawal of the police and the IDF, the Palestinian Authority (PA) plans to hang 60,000 flags it has ordered throughout the empty Jewish towns. One-third of them will bear the likeness of dead PLO chairman Yasser Arafat and 35,000 will bear the seal of the ruling Fatah party.

Hamas terrorists have also ordered thousands of flags to celebrate the "victory of the intifada," which they say forced Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to order the IDF to retreat and expel Jewish residents from Gaza.

Meanwhile, PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina warned that the PA would not be responsible for terrorism if Israel carried out a large scale operation in Gaza. Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim (Likud) said Monday that the IDF would have to take full control of Gaza if terrorists interfere with the planned expulsion.

Abu Rudeina responded, saying "such threats would not serve a sort of full and calm withdrawal, and would affect badly the truce which has been observed."