PA Broadcasts Refer to Couple´s Murderers as ´Holy Martyrs´

Official Palestinian Authority (PA) broadcasts lauded the murder of grandparents David and Rachel Kol Sunday, saying the terror attack was one of resistance and holy martyrdom.

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Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 19:33

“Voice of Palestine radio and Palestinian state television applauded Sunday morning the murder of two Israeli civilians in Gaza Saturday,” reports PA media expert Dr. Michael Widlanski. “Calling it an act of 'resistance' [muqawwima] and 'holy martyrdom' [istish-haad], [the broadcasts hinted] that the murderers were carrying out their civic duty.”

Widlanski also reports that the PA reports repeatedly referred to the couple as “settlers.” In fact, they were not residents of Judea, Samaria or Gaza, but were from Jerusalem. The terrorists, on the other hand, were referred to as "resisters" [muqawwimin] - a positive term in PA Arabic.

"The holy martyrdom of two citizens in a clash at the Kisufim Junction," announced Khaled Sukkar, the Voice of Palestine (V.O.P.) newscaster at the start of Sunday morning’s news.

"Israeli military sources report at least two martyrs and three settlers dead and seven wounded in an operation at Kisufim," declared Nizar Al-Ghul, the senior V.O.P. radio anchorman, adding that the exact numbers were not yet clear.

"Our Palestinian sources say that there were three resisters who participated in the attack on a group of Jewish settlers and an army checkpoint," reported V.O.P.'s Gaza reporter, Adil Zaanoun.