Mazuz, Rabbis Trade Blame on Violence

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz told nationalist leaders Sunday night he will not tolerate law and incitement. They replied that government anti-democratic actions have ignited bloodshed.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 21:58

Mazuz invited seven leading national religious rabbis for a five-hour talk. "If the [present] situation continues, there will be a more severe split between the people of Israel that no one knows where it will end," warned Mazuz.

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow informed Mazuz, "The idea that we will stand silent is a mistake. Our children and our grandchildren feel that have been trampled. The limits initially were broken by the government and the Knesset and afterwards by the judicial system. If we are speaking about a rebellion..., the government has rebelled against itself and against the country."

The rabbis expressed anger at what they called excessive police brutality, and Mazuz said all complaints of "exceptions" of police violence will be investigated. He also said warning letters have been sent to several left wing internet sites which have incited violence against people opposed to the planned evacuation.

The participants agreed not to make any public statements other than that the meeting was positive, demonstrations should be within the law and that dialogue will continue.