Border Policeman Dies Chasing Arab Rock Throwers

Violent protests by Israeli leftists and Arabs against the security barrier are becoming routine. A border policeman has died following Sunday's demonstration while chasing Arab rock throwers.

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, | updated: 20:34

A border policeman was severely injured Sunday afternoon during a demonstration against the building of the security barrier near the town of Har Adar in western Binyamin.

The officer was wounded after falling off a cliff while chasing Arabs who were throwing rocks at the border police. The officer, who apparently had fainted during the chase, fell a distance of eight meters. He was brought unconscious to Hadassah hospital at Ein Karem in Jerusalem.

The violent demonstration was carried out by Arabs and Israeli leftists representing a group called, “Anarchists Against the Fence”.

The clash with Arab and leftist demonstrators near Har Adar follows a similar attack that occurred last Friday near the Arab village of Bil’in, west of Ramallah. In that attack, a soldier was moderately wounded by rock throwers who hit his leg.

Over 200 demonstrators participated in the incident. Demonstrators refused to comply with an order declaring the area a closed military zone, and proceeded to attack security forces with rocks. Soldiers were forced to use tear gas and stun grenades to break up the demonstration.

Also on Sunday, border police arrested an Arab who tried to knife an officer in the Shuafat neighborhood of Jerusalem. The Arab pulled out a knife while being checked at a roadblock. The officer, who was uninjured, fired in the air, chased the Arab, and arrested him.

Border police Sunday afternoon also arrested nine Arabs from Gaza who attempted to infiltrate into the Negev from the Egyptian border, near Kadesh Barnea. About 30 Arabs were arrested last month for trying to infiltrate into Israel.