IAF Forces Respond to Hizbullah Attack; One Soldier Killed

IAF jets bombed southern Lebanon following two attacks by Hizbullah terrorists against Jewish towns and IDF soldiers in northern Israel Wednesday afternoon. Corp. Uzi Peretz will be buried today.

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, | updated: 18:56

The double attack began when a Hizbullah terrorist cell infiltrated northern Israel from Lebanon and opened fire on an IDF force. At the same time, other terrorists fired mortar shells from Lebanon at Kibbutz Manara and Kiryat Shmonah.

This was the second attack on Israel in the past few days. On Monday, a Syrian soldier fired at an Israeli army outpost; no one was hurt.

Corp. Uzi Peretz, who was killed in the Hizbullah attack yesterday, will be buried in his hometown of Be'er Sheva this afternoon. Another soldier was wounded and is in moderate condition, and two others were lightly hurt.

In response to yesterday's attack, Israel Air Force jets bombed Hizbullah targets just over the Israeli-Lebanese border. IDF soldiers also returned fire at the terrorists.

IAF jets bombed positions near Kfar Shouba in southern Lebanon, and IAF helicopters were reported to be in the air as well, looking for additional terrorists.