Hotel Residents: Truce Deal with Police

Anti-evacuation activists announced Saturday night that the police agreed to call off a raid on the hotel in Gush Katif in return for the agreement of several activists to be questioned.<BR><br/><BR><br/>

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Police denied a deal had been made with the residents, though did not deny the details of the arrangement.

Several residents in the refurbished hotel who are suspected of being involved in last Saturday's fracas with local Arabs agreed to come to the police station for questioning, according to their attorney, Moti Mantzur. They said they had not been served with summons for questioning.

Mintzer said the activists will turn themselves over to the police on Sunday, and that the police agreed not to raid the former Palm Beach Hotel, where over 200 new Gush Katif residents have come to live in the past several weeks. It has been renamed the Maoz Yam (Sea Fortress) Hotel.

The army, in charge of all defense actions in the area, must authorize police raids. The deal was made with IDF commanding officer Aviv Kochavi, hotel residents said, but police officer Shimon ben-Harush insisted, "We have no agreement with them."

The residents also plan to start three new civilian outposts in the area, which "will become just as famous as the Maoz Yam Hotel," said activist leader Aryeh Yitzchaki. "If security forces seek to find us, they will have to divide their forces."

Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists attacked Gush Katif communities with three mortar shells and shot at soldiers Saturday. No one was injured and no damage was reported.