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Bill Gates to Visit Israel in October

The "richest man in the world," Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, is planning to visit Israel in early October.
First Publish: 6/24/2005, 11:07 AM / Last Update: 6/23/2005, 7:57 PM

Globes reports that Gates will visit Israel as part of his annual tour of Europe, during which he meets with government and market leaders.

It will be the billionaire’s first visit to the Jewish State. He will meet with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and with Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (assuming they are both in their respective positions).

Israel hosts Microsoft branches in Raanana and Haifa, with over 200 employees in total.

Gates had a key role in the decision in the early 90s to make Hebrew one of the main languages in all of Microsoft’s programs development. The decision resulted in the translation of all Microsoft programs into Hebrew since then.