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      Inside the IDF Photo Essay: Training With Nachal Hareidi

      The Nachal Hareidi unit, made up of hareidi-religious yeshiva students and new immigrants, trains in the beautiful wilderness of Israel's Jordan Valley.
      First Publish: 6/24/2005, 3:24 PM / Last Update: 6/23/2005, 2:53 PM

      A member of the Nachal Hareidi unit "Netzah Yehuda" wakes up with a smile during a training exercise in the field.

      Soldiers wearing prayer shawls and phylacteries while praying the morning service in the field prior to resuming their training.

      The "Netzach Yehuda" ("Eternity of Judah") unit includes many young men who made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in order to join the IDF.

      The Nachal Hareidi unit's soldiers are religious yeshiva students who continue to study Torah and pray together as a unit while in the IDF.

      The "Netzach Yehuda" unit has captured scores of wanted terrorists and is reknowned for its extremely high level of motivation.

      During training, soldiers spend long periods of time out in the field learning survival skills and improving their stamina.

      The Jordan Valley is colored a lush green during the winter months, turning golden with the coming of summer.

      The standards of Kosher certification of the food in Nachal Hareidi, and the all-male setting are designed to enable Hareidi-religious Jews to join the IDF.

      Night exercises, followed by the evening prayer.

      Nachal Hareidi soldier with Gilad Mountains in the background.

      Just another day in the Aliyah revolution.

      (Photos courtesy of IDF spokesman)