IDF Will Pay Top Rates to Disengagement Soldiers

What to do with the many soldiers who plan to refuse or otherwise not fulfill disengagement-related orders?The army's decision could be construed as an attempt to bribe them to change their minds.<BR><br/>

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, | updated: 13:41

Soldiers are paid according to the level of military activity in which they are engaged. Fighting soldiers are paid at Level A or A+ rates, the highest amounts, and other soldiers are paid according to the lower Levels B, C and D, in accordance with what they do.

The question recently arose in the IDF Personnel Branch, Ynet reports: How to categorize those who will be taking part in the scheduled expulsion from Gush Katif and northern Shomron. The decision was made to consider them as taking part in military operations, thus rendering them eligible for the highest level of salary.

Fighting soldiers will thus receive the same salaries, whether they are on the Lebanese border protecting against Hizbullah or in Gush Katif forcibly expelling Jews from their homes. Other soldiers who take part in the expulsion will receive up to 15% more - which could comprise as much as 750 shekels per month.

Tens of thousands of soldiers have signed petitions saying they will not take part in disengagement activities.