Two Kassam Rockets at Sderot, Five Shells at Netzarim

, | updated: 13:00

Terrorism round-up: The army closed the Rafiach and Erez Crossings into Gaza this morning because of intelligence warnings of a possible terror attack there. Israeli security elements asked the PA to deal with the matter, but the IDF reported that nothing was done...

Two Kassam rockets were fired at the Negev city of Sderot yesterday. One landed inside the city, and the second apparently landed in an open area, but has not yet been found. Last night, Palestinian terrorists fired five mortar shells at the Jewish town of Netzarim in Gaza, and another shell at Moshav Katif; no one was hurt in these attacks, but damage was caused to a truck and a building.

Islamic Jihad said it fired the rockets in response to Israel's arrest of its members in Jenin yesterday.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, addressing a conference in the Galilee just before the rockets hit Sderot, said his plan to withdraw from Gaza and northern Samaria would strengthen settlement in the Galilee and Negev regions.