IDF Denies Report, Says No Orders to Close N. Shomron Next Week

The daily Yediot Acharonot reported today on a secret military document detailing a timetable to begin closing off the northern Shomron this coming Sunday - but the army categorically denies it.

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, | updated: 12:28

The paper reported that Paratroopers Brigade 101 has received a secret document detailing the timetable for the closing of the northern Shomron. The schedule calls for the army to begin isolating the four Shomron communities slated for uprooting as early as this Sunday, by not allowing non-residents to enter.

The four communities are Kadim and Ganim in the northern tip of the Shomron, and Sa-Nur and Chomesh further to the southwest. Mevo Dotan and Chermesh, in the northwestern Shomron, are currently not on Ariel Sharon's chopping block.

The IDF Spokesman's office issued a sharp denial of the Yediot report today. "No such orders have yet been given, and a Central Commander's regulation has not been imposed, and therefore the report is mistaken and misleading. The paper bases its article on an internal document that reached its hands. It should be made clear that there army many internal documents on the disengagement, based on various scenarios and timetables. Such documents cannot be a source or basis for irresponsible reporting of this nature. Only an official announcement by the IDF [can be relied upon]."

The Yediot report quotes extensively from the secret document. It states that from Sunday, June 19, until Sunday, July 3, non-residents of the region will not be allowed to travel from Shavei Shomron and northwards. From Monday, July 4, no Israeli citizens will be allowed into the area, according to the army document.