PA Media Continue to Use Symbols Illustrating Israel´s Demise

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has released a report displaying several pictures and symbols used in official Palestinian Authority media dehumanizing Jews and anticipating the destruction of Israel.

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“Visual hate symbols and pictures have always played an important role in reinforcing the ideological messages the Palestinian Authority wants to send to its people,” writes PMW’s Itamar Marcus and Barbara Cook. “Images de-humanizing Jews - and promoting their murder, denying Israel's existence and anticipating its demise, regularly appear in the PA controlled print and television media.”
This dagger piercing the Star of David appeared for eight seconds on a PA TV program about refugees.

A favorite PA symbol is a key, signifying the Arab claim to be the rightful "owners" - possessors of the "key" - to all of of Israel. "Lately," according to Marcus and Cook, "the visuals depict the 'key' nearing Israel, approaching Israel reflecting the growing conviction that the military and diplomatic processes are moving toward that end."

Bird approaches Israel with key. Note lock on Israel about to be opened. Text above map: "The Catastrophe" (PA term for the creation of Israel) Al Ayyam, May 14, 2005

Boys parading with giant keys. Text on keys: "We will definitely return" Al Hayat Al Jadida, May 16, 2005

Text on right: "The Catastrophe" (1948). Blood-drenched text on left: "The Return" "Refugees" approach with the key to unlock Israel. Al Hayat Al Jadida, May 12, 2005

Al Ayyam, May 15, 2005

The illustrations of evil-looking Jewish caricatures continue to be widely published, together with claims that Jews run the world and seek to make war.

The de-humanized Jew will use America to destroy peace. Text on eagle: "America." Text around dove: "Russia," "Turkey," "Britain." Al Hayat Al Jadida, May 4, 2005

The de-humanized Jew plots the destruction of the Dome of the Rock. Al Hayat Al Jadida, May 9, 2005