Security Roundup: Rockets and Firebombs Celebrate ´Cease Fire´

Security Authorities reported today that a terror attack against Jews on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount was prevented. Two residents of Jalazoun, an Arab village neighboring Beit El, are in custody.

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The two, Muhmad Dar Tzalahiya and Abdullah Ramana were indicted last week in the Jerusalem District Court after admitting they planned to hurl firebombs at Jews visiting Judaism's holiest site, the Temple Mount. The two were apprehended on their way to the Mount with the incendiary devices in their possession. Soldiers at the Kalandia checkpoint, just north of Jerusalem, discovered the firebombs in the terrorists' bags.

On Friday, Arabs attacked two civilians in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, south of the Temple Mount, injuring them lightly. The two victims were taken to Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital. They told police that the Arab assailants fled the scene.

Arab shelling and attacks against Israeli targets continued Thursday night and Friday morning in the region of Jewish Gaza. Early Friday, IDF soldiers detected a terrorist placing a bomb near the security fence in central Gaza. They opened fire and wounded the assailant.

During the night, Arabs fired anti-tank rockets and automatic weapons fire in separate incidents at IDF patrols near the southern Gush Katif towns of Kfar Darom, N’vei Dekalim, and Morag. Two mortar shell attacks were reported in the same area.

While the IDF is still under orders to sit quiet, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has responded to the escalation in Arab attacks by holding discussions Friday with Mohamed Dahlan, responsible for civilian affairs in the Palestinian Authority. Last month, Dahlan blamed Israel for the escalation in warfare due to its continuation of counter-terrorism operations.

Israelis in the southern Negev city of Sderot, are not happy with the lack of an IDF retaliation and are protesting the continued Arab shelling attacks. Sderot, located near the Gaza strip has been a primary target of Arab mortar shells over the past few months. Thursday afternoon, Arab terrorists fired three rockets into the Sderot area.