Senior Border Police Officer Quits Over Evacuation

Hevron Border Police Commander Uzi Siyach has announced he is quitting his post rather than be a part of the planned forced expulsion of Jews from their homes.

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Siyach, whose rank is the equivalent to a colonel in the military, said he was quitting after having been assigned to duty involving the plan to dismantle 25 Jewish communities in northern Shomron and Gaza. The plan calls for the expulsion of Jewish residents from their homes and businesses, leaving the vacated Jewish infrastructure for Arabs.

Siyach told the Hebrew weekly Makor Rishon that he cannot take part in the forced removal of Jews from their homes.
Siyach was decorated twice and is considered among the finest of the force. He was injured twice, the first time in a bloody battle on the Sabbath three years ago in which the military commander of Hevron, Dror Weinberg, and 11 others were killed by Arab terrorists.  
Hevron resident Orit Strook told Makor Rishon that the government evacuation plan has deeply bothered Siyach, and that he fears terrorists will escalate attacks because they will consider the eviction of Jews a victory.
Several junior officers have refused orders to participate in the evacuation operation, and a high-ranking Druze officer also has quit the army rather than help the government execute its policy.
Knesset Member Ayoub Kara (Likud) told Channel 1 TV this week that he knows the high-ranking, refusing officer of his Druze community, but refused to disclose his name.  
Kara this week also appealed to Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz to exclude Druze soldiers from taking part in the disengagement. He explained that while the Druze community signed a pact with the nation to protect and serve, this does not include “evicting brothers from their homes.”

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