Upside-Down Operation

The "Chief Doctor" of N'vei Dekalim, Dr. Sodi Namir, performed a skin operation while hanging upside down - in protest of the "upside down policies of the government."

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"We are the victims of a regime of corruption and of deceit, and the world is totally upside down," Dr. Namir later explained.

He performed the operation last night, on the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Gaza and the area that is now Gush Katif during the Six Day War. He explained that when the government released 400 Palestinian terrorist prisoners last week as a "gesture" to the Palestinian Authority leadership - injecting "new blood" into the terrorist ranks, security sources said - he decided he had to do something to shock the established institutions in the State of Israel.

Dr. Namir immigrated with his parents and siblings from Montreal, Canada when he was 11, in 1970. He is "everyone's doctor" in Gush Katif, well-known, respected and loved throughout the area.

He first performed a practice operation on a doll while hanging upside down from a forklift in a local factory. When he saw that he was able to function for at least 20 minutes in that position, he said he was ready for the real thing - in a sterile environment and under supervision.

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Last night, Dr. Namir removed a growth from the back of a teenager, while alongside him were medics of the Gaza Coast Regional Council security department. In addition, a well-known skin surgeon from a famous hospital in the United States also came to encourage Dr. Namir and stood by his side.

After the successful completion of the operation, Dr. Namir told, which first reported on the story, "Yes, this is a totally crazy thing to do - but you should know that this is nothing compared to the even crazier things that are being done all around us. Even as the Arabs hope to murder us and do not stop terrorism for a moment, we are informed that 400 of them - who were involved in active terrorism and attempted murder and wounding of Jews in the Land of Israel - are being released from prison. At the same time, the government takes people who are loyal to the Land of Israel and places them behind bars in jail for an unlimited time."

"Last week, Arab [terrorists] were allowed to take matriculation exams behind bars, while for youths who are accused of disturbing the public peace - the Attorney General negated this same right. Suspects in crimes of rape and murder are released while their trials proceed, while they leave in jail these idealistic youths and students for an unlimited time..."

"This act that I just did in front of the cameras, on this day marking 38 years of the liberation of Gaza, certainly raises question marks. And this was the goal: to raise question marks, to make everyone realize that life here in Israel is insane, and that the act of uprooting Jews, destroying houses, ruining families and endangering all of southern Israel is just one large act of insanity."

"I just operated on someone with my feet up, and my head down. I rid the boy's back of a dangerous growth, while standing upside down. But the Israeli authorities, who try to act as if they are standing upright, have not succeeded in stopping the terrorism that is threatening the lives of those who live here."

After the operation, Dr. Namir checked the boy, released him to his home, and invited him back for a check-up later this week.