British Elect Moslem-Backed Anti-Semite as MP

London's East End voters elected, earlier this month, anti-Semitic Moslem-backed George Galloway as Member of Parliament. He defeated the Jewish incumbent following an ugly and hostile campaign.<BR><br/>

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Galloway, a vociferous opponent of the war in Iraq, celebrated his victory on the shoulders of 80 Moslems who shouted, "A new god has been born." During the campaign, angry crowds threatened to burn shops whose owners displayed pictures of Galloway's opponent, Oona King, daughter of a Jewish mother and an African American father.

Galloway has pleaded with British soldiers to refuse to fight in Iraq, but he also has been accused of receiving money from former Iraq dictator Sadaam Hussein. The funds were marked for humanitarian needs in the oil for food program.

His election speeches against Britain's participation in the Iraq war won support from British voters whom he roused to protest loudly when he mentioned the words "Israel" or Zionist."

London Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips has called Galloway "a latter-day Oswald Mosley," referring to a British Nazi of the 1930s. "[He] is the mirror image of the neo-fascists of the British National party....The Galloway victory is a symptom of the tide of irrationality and hatred which has overwhelmed our main stream culture."

Galloway recently toured the United States and testified at Senate sub-committee hearings, where he denounced the American war in Iraq and accused Christian fundamentalists and Zionists of persecution.