1,000 Families in Gush Katif: All for One, One for All

Some 1,000 families scheduled for expulsion/disengagement say they will continue to fight the plan, "but if it is decreed that we are to be expelled, we demand to live together in one place."

, | updated: 14:07

In a letter that was publicized today, the residents write, "We fervently object to this illegal and terrible uprooting from our homes in Gush Katif and northern Shomron. We believe that it is our right to protect our homes in order that they not be taken from us. If the government uproots us using the force of the army and the police, it is our intention to be 'all for one.' We will not suffice with solutions for some of the residents. We will not rest and we will not be silent until a solution is found for everyone. We wish to move in unity, and not amidst division."

The letter elaborated: "If Heaven forbid the uprooting occurs, we want to relocate together... There must be enough new communities to meet the needs of all the sectors. We understand that the Nitzanim area [north of Ashkelon] is the most appropriate area for the relocation, and we ask you [Gaza Coast Regional Council chief Avner Shimoni] to act to ensure that if the solution is to be in Nitzanim, it should be afforded to all the communities...

"In any event, there must not be a double uprooting [from a temporary caravan site to permanent homes elsewhere at a future date], but that our temporary structures be placed on the site on which our permanent homes will be built."

Contrary to an impression that the residents have thus given up their struggle, Gush Katif Chief Rabbi Yigal Kaminetzky told Arutz-7 today, "There is nothing new in this letter. All the residents are remaining here and will fight to the end, but just if Heaven forbid the decree goes through, we want to remain united and go as one bloc."