Two IDF Soldiers to Gaza´s Jews: "Stay Strong, Don´t Leave"

“You should have much success, and do not leave your homes.”So wrote soldiers of the Golani Brigade in a fax sent to the residents of Gush Katif. Rabbi Aviner: "Expulsion Business is Bad Money."<BR><br/><BR><br/>

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The letter, signed “Liron and Gal from Car 51,” began with words of thanks for the refreshments area set up by residents for the soldiers.

It went on to urge the residents not to leave their homes. “You give us strength to continue,” the soldiers wrote in a hand-written letter on official stationery, with hearts drawn for emphasis. “We have not met many people as good and so very brave as you. May you have much success and not evacuate! May you be strong and courageous. We are here for you. (signed) Car 51, with honor.”

Soldiers of the 51st Golani battalion left Gaza three months ago for the Northern Region, but are expected to take part in the planned removal of the Jews of Gaza from their homes this summer.

The battalion commander, Lt.-Col. Yaniv, responded to the publication of the letter in IDF weekly BaMahaneh this week. "These are soldiers who were thanking the residents and were careless in their choice of words,” he said. “I am certain that they did not mean or understand the seriousness of their words. The matter will be examined with them.”

Following the arrival of the fax, it was posted at the entrance to the local health clinic in N’vei Dekalim. Local residents say they have received much encouragement from the kind words.

In another Gush Katif item, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, a leading rabbi of the religious-Zionist public, says that money earned from the expulsion is "bad money that will have no blessing." In answer to a question, the Rabbi wrote,

"If you have no heart, and you plan to earn money from the expulsion of Jews and their becoming refugees - I will of course be forced to stop buying from you. I am referring to every civilian body that wants to make money unjustly - in trucks, cranes, buses, bulldozers, packing, food services, and more."

"Don't earn bad money that has no blessing," concludes Rabbi Aviner. "And if you are not a partner to the expulsion of my brothers, I will be happy to publicize that people should buy specifically from you."