Terrorist Shot Dead After Stabbing Attempt

A Palestinian terrorist was shot to death this morning after he attempted to stab IDF soldiers at an Israeli checkpoint. This was the second stabbing attempt in as many days.

, | updated: 17:05

The incident occurred at the eastern exit from Tul Karem - a PA-controlled city that Israel recently handed over to PA security control. Soldiers noticed a suspicious man and called upon him to stop. He then pulled out a long knife and ran towards them. The soldiers again called him to stop, shooting in the air and then directly at him as he came closer. Yesterday in Hevron, a similar stabbing attempt occurred, but the terrorist was caught alive.

The National Union Party issued this statement in response to the attempted stabbing in Tul Karem: "Terrorism against citizens and soldiers is a result of the policy of restraint of the IDF and the leftist Likud government. The renewal of the shooting in the north, south and Yesha are red warning signs that must alert us of the dangers of the disengagement."

The police are in pursuit of an Arab who stabbed and murdered his Jewish girlfriend's mother yesterday in Be'er Sheva. The Arab also wounded his girlfriend, and ran off with their 3-month old daughter.