Father of Four Remains in Prison for Opposing Expulsion

A Be'er Sheva judge appeared on the verge of forcing the Shabak to explain why it placed a disengagement-opponent under administrative detention for 4 months - but suddenly changed his mind.

, | updated: 15:45

In this morning's District Court hearing, Justice Yehoshua Pilpel originally agreed that lawyers for the prisoner, Neriah Ofan, could look at the secret documents detailing its reasons for keeping him in prison. However, after General Security Service agents asked for and received a consultation with the judge, he changed his mind.

Atty. Naftali Wurtzberger, who is representing Ofan, told Arutz-7's Moshe Priel that the judge was apparently strongly pressured by the GSS to revoke his decision.

Ofan, 33 and a father of four, was arrested a week ago as he was driving to Jerusalem, and was told that he would remain in prison until September 30. Under the terms of administrative detention - a measure left over from British mandatory days and chiefly used against Arab terrorists - he need not be shown the charges or suspicions against him.

Dozens of people demonstrated outside the courtroom today, with whistles and signs reading, "Police State," "Arrest Means Victory," and the like.

Ofan's wife Naomi said this morning, "Our feeling is that the truth is on our side, and it truly doesn't matter what the court rules. Neriah is a genuinely free person who says what he believes, and acts according to his truth, which is that Jews should not expel other Jews in the Land of Israel. And that's why he's paying the supposed price of his body being imprisoned - but really it's not Neriah or other Jews who are shackled, but rather the courts and the police which are imprisoned in social norms and other problematic things."

"We believe that this whole expulsion program will end up for the best," Naomi continued, "and everyone must do what he can. We have to remember that we're not private people, but that we are all soldiers of the Nation of Israel, and everyone must do what he can, whether in participation or willingness to be arrested or giving money or whatever, and not to be afraid... We will be strong."