Prayer in Orange Forbidden at Western Wall

Guards at the Western Wall prohibited visitors from wearing orange shirts at a Remembrance Day ceremony. Orange is the official color of the anti-disengagement struggle.

, | updated: 02:19

Sarah Baumol from Gush Etzion said her 8th-grade son and his class went to the Western Wall in Jerusalem to pray at the conclusion of a school trip this past day, Memorial Day. "A policeman stood there and demanded that my son, and several of his friends, remove any orange T-shirts or bands, and [he] tossed them in a pile," said Baumol.

She said his son asked the guard for his name, and that the latter responded only that he was acting under orders.

"My son was wearing his orange T-shirt under two other layers, a sweater and a white shirt. He was forced to undress in front of the crowds pouring in, and give up his shirt," she said. "My other son had his orange bracelet removed by this policeman."

9th-graders from a girls' high school in Beit El also attended the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Western Wall, and witnessed a similar scene. Some of the girls said they were shocked when classmates who were wearing orange-colored clothing and bracelets were told at security checks to step aside. Those who didn't agree or couldn't remove the orange articles of clothing from their bodies were denied access to the holy site.

Baumol added, "My son and all of our family are quite devastated by this, and I would like to see if I can take legal action against the police."