Rockets Hit Israel North and South

Both northern and southern Israel were attacked with rockets last night, causing no casualties or damage.

, | updated: 08:39

Two shells were fired at the Har Dov-Shaba Farms area in the northern Golan last night, and a mortar shell hit an open area in N'vei Dekalim, in Gush Katif. No one was hurt.

The two shells in the north were heard throughout the area, and followed by one day a similar blast in northwestern Israel. On Wednesday night, in the middle of Independence Day celebrations in the town of Shlomi, a katyusha rocket exploded into a bakery. The missile caused no injuries but much damage, and ended the celebrations for the night.

Following last night's attack at Har Dov, IDF combat helicopters were put into the air to comb the area. It is assumed that a small Palestinian terror organization, and not Hizbullah, is behind the rockets of the last two nights. The IDF is on high alert all along the border with Lebanon, but is not likely to retaliate at present. A formal complaint against Lebanon has been lodged with the United Nations.

Three mortar shells were also fired at N'vei Dekalim on Wednesday night; no one was hurt. The attack occurred shortly after the Independence Day fireworks ended - but long before the singing and dancing in the streets finished.