Syrian Infiltrator Captured on the Golan Heights

An apparent Syrian spy was apprehended Sunday morning as he crossed into the northern Golan Heights, IDF officials announced during the night.

, | updated: 11:04

The man taken into custody was dressed in civilian clothes and was unarmed, but was in possession of surveillance equipment. Carrying binoculars and camera equipment, the man made his way across the Syria-Israel border on the strategic Golan Heights. Military officials provided no further details of the incident.

This was the second infiltration from Syria in the Golan Heights region is as many months. On April 15, a Fatah-aligned terrorist succeeded in crossing the border undetected, opening fire with a shotgun at an IDF position on the Heights. There were no injuries, but a senior area military commander acknowledged the severity of the incident. He said that an investigation must be launched to determine how the armed terrorist crossed into the area undetected. It was the first shooting incident on the Israeli-Syrian border in two years.

Despite these Syrian incidents of aggression, Syria has recently made public statements distancing itself from terrorism. Syrian Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Hussein claimed recently that banks in his country are free of money deposited by terrorist organizations. He further said that Syria would freeze the accounts of any organization or individual suspected of terrorist activity.

Mr. Yossi Ben-Aharon, former director-general of the Prime Minister's Office under Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir, and the man who headed the Israeli delegation in talks with Syria, dismissed the Syrian declarations. "It is all a bluff designed to earn points in the West," he told Arutz-7. “We cannot trust any Syrian statements [on this matter] at all; every such statement must be checked and double-checked very thoroughly."

Ben-Aharon said that just as Syrian declarations to the Americans that Syria prevented terrorists from entering Iraq were shown to be false, and just as similar declarations that Syria had shut down terrorist organizations' offices in Damascus were disproved, so too the latest declarations about closing terrorist bank accounts are "merely stories."