Police Seen Testing Violent Methods For Summer´s Expulsion

Despite a recent announcement by police that they will not come to the homes of Gush Katif residents armed, video clips of recent police violence against protesters are causes for concern.

, | updated: 16:43

The police spokesman announced last month that police would come to expel the Jews of Gaza and northern Samaria with nothing but sun screen and lip balm. The announcement said that police vans would stand by with batons and tear gas for use only in extreme cases, if they should arise.

In recent weeks, however, the police response to protests by Hareidi-religious citizens against the removal of human remains in the construction of a new highway have been quite harsh, using new methods and equipment some analysts say is being tested out for use in this summer’s expulsion.

One video (Click here to view) shows a new electric taser being used by private security personnel to shock a protester repeatedly. Such private security companies are reportedly being hired to assist in the expulsion as well.

Tasers are defined as non-lethal weapons. They send an electric current through a person at level less than fatal, but enough to incapacitate them. In some cases, though, it can cause death – especially among those suffering from heart ailments.

Another video shows an elite counter-terror unit stationed in Jerusalem entering a yeshiva to apprehend protesters (Click here to view) who had blocked a Jerusalem thoroughfare to protest the grave desecration resulting from the construction of Highway 6.