Toughest Questions Facing Jews Answered In Arutz-7´s New Book

Arutz Sheva's first English book Ask the Rabbi provides a Torah perspective on burning issues facing Jews in their homes and in the Jewish homeland.

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Authored by Rabbi David Samson and edited by Hollywood screen writer Tzvi Fishman, Ask the Rabbi answers 68 of today's toughest practical questions in a straightforward, easy-to-read style. This book is a must read for Jews in Israel and abroad, and particularly for Arutz-7 Readers.

Samples of responsa from the book:
  • A man who is becoming more religious and wants to move to Israel, but his wife and family resist - asks, "In the conflict between my love of Israel, G-d and love of family, who should win?"
  • Recently, classes in Kaballah have started in our community. But my local Rabbi says that Kaballah should be studied only after learning other parts of the Torah. What is your opinion?
  • Religious-Zionists have been saying that the State of Israel is the promised Redemption. But with hundreds of terrorist killings, with warheads threatening Tel Aviv, with an ailing economy, and with national leaders that don't have answers, where is the Redemption in this?
  • Can we have a Christmas tree for our kids so that they don't feel like they are different from other children?

The author, Rabbi David Samson
"There's simply no other English book like this that gives a pure Torah point of view on modern practical issues in a down-to-earth style," says Rabbi David Samson. "In today's ever-changing political and social landscape, the answers to these questions guide the reader toward a strong and healthy Jewish lifestyle."

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Rabbi David Samson was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He served as a congregational rabbi in Jerusalem and teaches Talmud and Jewish studies at Merkaz Harav institutions. Rabbi Samson also appears on Arutz-7's weekly TV cultural magazine: Israeli Salad.