IDF Martial Arts Champ Refuses to Train Soldiers to Expel Jews

The IDF’s champion hand-to-hand combat instructor refuses to train soldiers in martial arts against Jews during the expulsion from Gaza and the northern Shomron - and was sacked as an instructor.

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Corporal Idan (his last name cannot be published at this time) won the IDF Krav Maga (martial arts) championship just a few weeks ago, and received his prize from Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon.

Friends of his told the Yediot Acharonot newspaper that he was asked recently to give a martial arts course to Givati troops. He expressed reservations, asking his commanders whether the training had anything to do with this summer’s withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria. He was assured it did not, and accepted the task.

Once he began preparing to teach the course, though, he was told to show the soldiers what to do when attacked by “a settler with a knife” and other such situations. He then realized that the training would, in fact, be used against those opposing the disengagement.

Corporal Idan told his commanders that he refused “to train soldiers against Jews.” He demanded that soldiers in his course sign a declaration promising not to use the training against Jews, under penalty of imprisonment. His superiors did not go along with this demand, and he said he would be willing to stand trial in an IDF court to defend his position.

Yitzchak, Corporal Idan’s father, told Yediot that he fully supports his son’s decision. “My son has a Jewish soul," he said, "and is not able to train soldiers to fight Jews. I understand and support him completely. I’m against refusal, but my son is not refusing orders; he is a conscientious objector.”

Despite his willingness to stand trial for refusing to take part in the “flagrantly illegal” withdrawal, as he called it, Corporal Idan was not put on trial. Instead, he was removed from his position and sent to stock IDF warehouses.

“There is no reason to try him for refusing orders,” an unnamed IDF officer told Yediot. “Had that been the case, he would have been tried and would serve his punishment. But he didn’t want his new role, and so he will be returned to his original regiment.”

Thousands of IDF soldiers and officers have already signed declarations that they will refuse to take part in the uprooting of Jewish towns.

In a related item, Arutz-7’s Haggai Huberman reports that two cadets were thrown out of an officers training course this week under similar circumstances. They refused to take part in classes preparing the soldiers to take part in the expulsion/withdrawal plan.

The incident happened Sunday, when the cadets were sent to a course entitled “Strengthening the Knowledge Base in Light of the Disengagement.” The class was based on material prepared by the IDF educational corps, and included material on the history of Jewish settlement in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the place of the military in a democracy, explanations about the unilateral withdrawal plan, and the outlining of various projected outcomes of the disengagement.

The two soldiers, including one who lives in the Gush Katif town of N’vei Dekalim, told their commanders that their participation in the course would symbolize their approval of the expulsion and that they would therefore be unable to attend.

Both cadets were kicked out of the course, despite the fact that they had already completed one-third of the training.