PA Media and Universities Promote Terrorism, Hatred, and Jihad

Despite Abbas’ well-polished image as a moderate, his administration has been presiding over an incessant campaign of incitement against Israel that spans the media and university centers.

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Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah controlled press has been at the forefront of incitement against Israel. At the same time, PA universities, where tomorrow’s PA leaders are getting their education, are becoming more radicalized and opened about recruiting suicide bombers directly from the student body.

The PA’s state television has been accusing Israel of poisoning Palestinians with radiation. Gaza TV reported on Saturday, April 30, that Israeli machines killed a 55-year-old Palestinian woman who apparently died of a heart attack after being searched with an American-made device.

That story was depicted in the print media with a cartoon that in western countries would be condemned as anti-Semitic propaganda: A hand with a Star of David on its sleeve holds up a red colored machine called “Rafah crossing”, emitting waves that are called “death and illness”.

The cartoon appeared in a newspaper, Al-Hayat-Al-Jadeeda, a paper owned and controlled by the Fatah faction of the PLO, headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

Moreover, the official news agency of the PA, claimed on Thursday that Israel deliberately killed “an aged woman” with an American made “radiation machine”. The Palestinian Authority itself, announced last Tuesday that it was closing the Rafah (Rafiah) crossing to protect Palestinians against “Israeli use of a radiation device for searching Palestinian travelers.”

Israeli security officials have said that the device is nothing more than an American-made machine that uses “holographic technology to screen passengers for weapons and explosives.”

According to Michael Widlansky of IMRA (Independent Media Review Analysis), a think-tank that surveys the Arab press, Abbas is continuing a long-running PA campaign, led by Arafat and his wife Suha, to discredit Israel by claiming that Israel uses “radio-active weapons” against Palestinians, including “uranium artillery shells”, “uranium bullets”, and “poison gas”.

Widlansky asserts that under Abbas, the Palestinian media have actually stepped up the use of incendiary mosque speeches broadcast on Palestinian radio and television where both Israel and Americah are regularly attacked as well as increased use of code words in Arabic such as “resistance operations” to describe attacks on Israelis.

Incitement against Israel is not the sole prerogative of the PA media, however. Abbas’ administration has also done virtually nothing to stem an alarming rise in anti-Israel hatred spewing out of campuses in the PA administered areas of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Hamas, which intends to run candidates in the upcoming PA general election this summer, has won control of the student councils at Hebron University and the Polytechnic University of Hebron by significant margins. Both schools were closed several times by the Israeli military government when suicide bombers were recruited clandestinely by Islamic extremists on campus.

Now Hamas promotes terrorism openly on campus. A leaflet distributed by the Islamic Bloc, Hamas’ student wing on the Hebron University campus, called for loyalty to the blood of the shahids “martyrs” (terrorists who were killed in an operation against Israel), claiming that becoming a terrorist would be an “honor” for students.

The back of an Islamic Bloc leaflet "Being a terrorist is an honor for you"

The Islamic bloc also put out a campaign leaflet for students, “Voice of the Islamic Bloc” espousing its political platform. According to the Intelligence and Terror Information Center at the Center for Special Studies, a think-tank devoted to exposing what’s happening inside the PA the world press, the leaflet said that the strategic goal of Hamas is to establish an Islamic Palestine from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

The leaflet also attacked PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, depicting him in a photograph shaking the hand of Ariel Sharon and asking, “Are you shaking the hand of my murderer?”

"Shaking the hand of a murderer?"

Another leaflet handed out to students on campus purports to be “the last letter” of Khalil al-Sharif, a student suicide bomber who carried out an attack on Ben Yehuda St. in Jerusalem on September 4, 1997, “in which 5 Zionists were killed and more than 200 others were wounded.”

The letter recounts the student’s decision to leave the Fatah student movement at Bir Zeit University, north of Ramallah, to join the Islamic Bloc following the Oslo accords. The leaflet ends off praising al-Sharif for joining the Iz a-Din al-Qassam Martyrs Brigade (the military wing of Hamas). “Allah strengthened him [by allowing him to join] to join the jihad and conferred upon him the honor of martyrdom,” the leaflet stresses.

Praise for the student bomber: "Allah strengthened him"

Not to be outdone by the Hamas dominated Hebron University, Abbas has become personally involved in stirring up anti-Israel incitement at Bir Zeit University, al-Sharif’s alma mater. In a speech on April 14 to the student body following the surprise victory of Abbas’ Fatah faction in the student council elections after years of a Hamas majority, Abbas told students that this achievement would be followed by other successes.

“I hope Allah will unite our victory with Jerusalem,” proclaimed Abbas. His words were followed by thousands of Bir Zeit students chanting, “Millions of Shahids (terrorist martyrs) marching on Jerusalem.”

Hamas couldn’t have done a better job.