No Rest for Palestinian Terrorists

Arab terror against Israel continues. A 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist was arrested on his way to blow himself up against an Israeli target, while more rockets fell today in Gush Katif.

, | updated: 15:31

The would-be suicide terrorist was arrested this morning in Tul Karem, east of Netanya.

Terrorist attacks continued in Gaza this morning and last night, with six rockets and shells since last night. A Kassam rocket was fired at the community of Rafiah Yam last night, following a mortar shell fired at Ganei Tal. In the morning hours, N'vei Dekalim was targeted by four mortar shells, which crashed down harmlessly in open areas.

"As can be seen," a Gush Katif source said, "the government's apathy in the face of the 100 Kassams fired on one recent infamous day causes the pace of the rockets to increase from day to day."

Several shooting incidents near IDF outposts in Gaza were also registered since yesterday; the army returned fire, and no one was hurt.

Many terrorist incidents were recorded over the course of the Passover holiday, including:

* The discovery of seven Arabs trying to infiltrate across the Gaza fence.
* 3 Kassam rockets north of Gaza and in the Negev.
* Several mortar shells and other rockets.
* A Soldier lightly wounded in stabbing attack in northern Shomron; the terrorist stole his weapon.
* A smuggling attempt of dozens of bullets from Shechem (Nablus).
* Two Arabs arrested after they refused to be searched at a checkpoint and tried to stab a soldier.
* Two Arab boys tried to smuggle 11 explosive devices and a make-shift gun out of Shomron to northern Israel.

Also this week, an IDF soldier - Tziki Eyal, 23, from Mizkeret Batya - was killed when an Arab driver tried to run him down near Tarkumiye, west of Hevron. A several-day army investigation concluded that the cause of death was bullets fired by soldiers in the course of trying to stop the Arab driver.