Rocket Attacks Continue; Preparing for More

Rocket and mortar barrages by Palestinian Authority terrorists continue in the south. As in many past attacks, the city of S'derot and the towns of Gush Katif were the targets yesterday.

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, | updated: 12:10

In the late afternoon Tuesday, Arab terrorists in the Gaza region fired two Kassam rockets at the southern city of S'derot. Local security services, already experienced in such attacks, operated the city-wide "Red Dawn" early-warning system against incoming enemy rockets. The rockets landed in a grove of trees on the city's outskirts, causing no injuries or damage.

"Red Dawn" was made operational late last year after PA shellings had increased in frequency relative to previous years. In preparation for increased potential for shelling in the south after the government's Disengagement Plan is implemented, another southern city, Ashkelon, has begun installing antennas to connect into S'derot's early-warning system, as well.

The Jewish towns of Gush Katif were also targeted by Arab terrorists yesterday evening, with two mortar shells striking in the bloc of communities. In that attack, as well, there were no injuries reported.

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) called for a cessation in Kassam rocket attacks into southern pre-1967 Green Line Israel. He said that such attacks are outside the consensus among PA residents. In January, the PA leader made a similar declaration, insisting, however, that he would not use force to halt attacks. The PA leader fell short in his current declaration of calling for an end to rocket, bomb and shooting attacks against Jewish civilian population centers in Gaza or against IDF forces operating there.

The Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees, affiliated with Abu Mazen's Fatah organization, claimed responsibility for the shelling of S'derot.