PA Media Glorify Bomber of Tel Aviv Night Club

Despite Israel's continued complaints against PA incitement, the PA media have portrayed the suicide terrorist who perpetrated the recent Tel Aviv quintuple murder as a "noble martyr."

, | updated: 19:02

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas (pictured above) tersely condemned the February 25th suicide bombing of a Tel Aviv night club in which five Israelis were killed, but his PA news media has been glorifying the memory of the bomber. A daily newspaper, for instance, called murderer Abdalla Badran a “shahid” - a martyr who has died for the highest ideals of Islam.

Abbas, like his mentor, the late Yasser Arafat, has been projecting a moderate and pragmatic image abroad, while but the PA's state-controlled media depicts the suicide bomber as a hero fighting for Allah.

The daily Al-Ayyam termed Badran’s family “the family of the Shahid." The paper also referred to the bomber as an “istish-shahid” - a shahid who sought death for Allah and succeeded.

The official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jedida printed a giant color photo of the terrorist on its front page, with a caption proudly calling him the “Executor of the Tel Aviv Operation.”

PA officials interviewed in Arabic expressed dissatisfaction over the attack - not because of its terrorist nature, but because the timing was bad.

Hasan Asfour, a member of the PA parliament, told PA television, “This is the first action that no one is happy about. Everyone felt that the timing was not [right] and there was absolutely no need for it... It is not because the resistance against the occupation is a mistake, but because the nature, location and timing of the action are a mistake."