Iran Claims Israel Kidnaps Babies

An Israeli boat patrolling near Iran is holding kidnapped babies to be used later for their organs, according to a new Iranian television program.

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"We are talking about children no one cares about [and who] have been kidnapped on the excuse of being concerned for them, and after they mature, the Zionists uses their hearts, kidneys and other organs," the TV presentation charges on the Iranian Shahar channel.

The producer is Ahmed Mir Alawii, who also was responsible for the film Zahra's Blue Eyes, which premiered on the same channel in December and portrays Israel officials supposedly operating on Arab children and using their organs for transplants.

In the latest program, Alawii claims, "A white boat sails on the oceans and does not enter Iran's territorial waters or those of other countries. Our Arab brethren should be careful of this boat where the Zionists hold children from the age of one and two. They receive the best medical treatment and are [placed] under constant surveillance. Why are they being cared for? [The objective is to] use them for medical objectives."

"We presented only a small part of the Zionist crimes," Alawii told an Iranian interview. "While we worked on the film, we received information, even from Jews who identify with our viewpoint. They themselves are anti-Zionist. The information they supplied us makes us sorry we already finished the film. It is too bad we didn’t have this information when we produced [it].

"Oh, [you] Zionists! You occupied the houses of innocent people. You killed them and took out their eyes in front of their parents. In this film, we treated you too fairly when we presented you taking out their eyes in the operating room."

The interview with Alawii in Persian was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).