Saudi Defense Minister: Bin Laden Sent by the Jews

During a meeting to plan the recent Saudi conference on counter-terrorism the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia claimed that arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden was “sent by the Jews.”

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The Defense Minister, Prince Sultan Feted read a poem with the following verse: "Long live security - may its men hold their heads high on every corner. [Bin Laden], whose ideology is sick, who was sent by the Jews, who is the architect of theft, was treacherous and sent us the criminals. This traitor of the nation tried to harm us, but his efforts boomeranged back upon him."

A clip of the prince reading the poem can be viewed on the MEMRI web-site.

Though the Saudi conference was attended by leading counterterrorism experts from over 50 different countries, Israel was excluded. "We have invited all countries that have suffered from terrorism to the conference, and all have agreed to take part," said Prince Turki ibn Muhammad, assistant undersecretary for political affairs at the Saudi Foreign Ministry told WorldNetDaily.