IDF Prevents Huge Terrorist Attack

Israel revealed Sunday that IDF forces in Samaria last week prevented a massive terrorist attack when they discovered a huge store of weapons, including mortar shells, rockets and suicide belts.<BR><br/><BR><br/>

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, | updated: 22:02

Soldiers arrested 14 senior Hamas terrorists in the pre-dawn raid in Shechem. The weapons laboratory was described as the largest discovered in the past three years.

The laboratory was filled with explosives, raw material for preparing terror blasts, rockets, mortar shells and three suicide belts ready for use.

The discovery confirmed concerns that Arabs are preparing to launch attacks in Samaria as they have done for years in Gaza.

The government's proposal to dismantle 25 Jewish communities includes four in northern Samaria. If the Knesset approves expelling Jewish civilians and withdrawing IDF troops, the Palestinian Administration would be left in control of a large contiguous area stretching west within striking distance of Tel Aviv and east to the area of Maaleh Gilboa, near Bet She'an and the Jordan Valley.

The plan also calls for withdrawal of Israeli civilians and soldiers from north of Jenin, often called the "terror capital" of Israel, and would leave the PA within striking distance of Afula.