Rain, Snow and Hail in the Holy Land

Heavy rains, snow and hail fell across Israel Wednesday, with flooding closing many major arteries.
First Publish: 1/20/2005, 8:28 AM / Last Update: 1/19/2005, 6:11 PM

Major flooding took place in the Tel Aviv region at major intersections such as HaMasger and La Guardia and the Ben-Gurion and Abba Hillel intersection in Ramat Gan. Shefa Tal (‘Abundance of Dew’) Street in Givatayim was closed in both direction, also due to flooding. Two women were injured when a concrete wall near the Kiriya on Kaplan street in Tel Aviv collapsed on their car due to the heavy rains.
Major flooding took place in the Tel Aviv region

Highway 66 between Yokne’am and Megiddo was closed in both directions due to accidents caused by the heavy rains.

Officials report the level of Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee), the nation’s primary source of drinking water, rose half a centimeter in the past day. The lake has risen by only five centimeters so far this winter, compared with 2.2 meters last year – mostly during this same month (of January) last year.
The Hermon ski resort will open its doors...

The Hermon ski resort will open its doors to the public this Friday following heavy snowfall in the Golan Heights region. Live streaming video of the snowy ski slopes can be seen here.