No End in Sight for PA Terror

Three terror attacks were thwarted in Gaza today; two terrorists were killed and several were wounded. Two soldiers were hurt near Nisanit, in northern Gaza.

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, | updated: 16:14

Over the course of the past month, IDF forces killed no fewer than 58 Palestinian terrorists on their way to perpetrate attacks against Israelis in Gaza.

Today's first attempted attack occurred when two Palestinian terrorists threw a grenade at IDF troops near Nachal Oz, just to the east of central Gaza. The engineering corps soldiers returned fire, killing both Arabs. Later, near Netzarim, IDF infantry troops on alert detected a suspicious car. The occupants fled, and the soldiers found an RPG launcher and a Kalachnikov rifle inside. The third incident occurred in the Rafiach region, near the Israeli-Egyptian border, when an IDF force discovered and safely neutralized two explosive devices.

Two soldiers were wounded this afternoon when PA terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at an IDF heavy-equipment vehicle in northern Gaza. One soldier sustained moderate wounds, and both were taken to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon for further treatment.

Two shooting attacks were reported in the Rafiah area of southern Gaza, directed against soldiers near the Egyptian border. There were no injuries.

The shaft of a weapons-smuggling tunnel was also discovered in southern Rafiah. Military sources report the tunnel is 25 feet below the surface. Three Arabs involved in the digging were taken into custody.

The IDF acted in Shechem (Nablus) and the vicinity last night, arresting 13 wanted Hamas terrorists. The operation was carried out based on intelligence information regarding a revival of the Hamas network in the city. The network had planned to dispatch suicide terrorists to perpetrate attacks in Israeli cities.

IDF troops operating in Gaza killed 58 armed terrorists on their way to carry out attacks this past month.