Youth Marchers: "We Can Stop the Disengagement"

The three-day march to Jerusalem by many thousands of Gush Katif youth and their supporters ended this afternoon as they made their way to the protest sit-in outside the Knesset.

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, | updated: 17:24

The march was organized and implemented by the youth. The marchers joined up with demonstrators who have manned the anti-disengagement encampment non-stop for more than two weeks.

On their way to the protest live-in this morning, the marchers passed by the Disengagement Authority in the Givat Sha'ul neighborhood and held a mini-protest there. A large rally is planned outside the Knesset for early this evening.

The youth set out on Sunday for Jerusalem, 83 kilometers away, saying they were "unable to continue our routine studies while our country is disengaging from all its values and ideals on which we were brought up. We feel that we can bring about the desired change."

Among the marchers were those who are scheduled to enlist in the IDF in the coming months, but who "cannot bear to think that they may be forced to expel Jews from their homes." Some of them held signs reading, "Either Enlistment or Disengagement."

The youth slept in Kibbutz Ein Tzurim and Yeshivat Or Etzion on Sunday night, and in Shaalvim in the Ayalon Valley on Monday night.