Arabs Attack U.S. Anti-Terror March

San Francisco, California police were braced for more violence Monday following yesterday's violent attack by Arabs and other anti-Zionists who charged into a crowd of 500 anti-terror protestors.<BR><br/>

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Fists flew as the pro-Israel group gathered in Berkeley and heard speakers denounce terrorism. More than 200 anti-Israel demonstrators yelled taunts at the crowd until several of them tried to break up the anti-terror rally while waving Palestinian flags and covering their faces, posing as would-be Arab terrorists.

"Two, four, six, eight, we are martyrs, we can't wait," several of them chanted as they charged the crowd. Riot police separated the two sides after several fights broke out. One man was arrested for assault as "emotions were high," according to a police sergeant.

Among the anti-Israeli crowd were many Arabs, including Cairo-born Essam Maghoub, who said, "We are here to make sure these people are ashamed of themselves. They [Israelis] stole our land, raped our women, destroyed our olive trees and destroyed our homes."

The rally featured the bombed-out bus number 19 that Arab suicide terrorists bombed in Jerusalem last year, killing 11 people and injuring 45. The same bus is to stand in San Francisco at a similar rally Monday afternoon, which is Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in the United States. The holiday is in memory of Dr. King, who was assassinated during a non-violence demonstration which characterized his struggle against segregation.

"They attempted to disrupt the rally through the same kinds of intimidation and indiscriminate violence that are the hallmarks of our 21st century scourge, global terrorism," said David Meir-Levi who was the master-of-ceremonies at the Berkeley rally.