<I> Fifth in a Series:</I>"I Was Totally Alone"

Tikvah [not her real name[, an Israeli Jewess who allowed herself to cavort with Arab men, is a "success" story: She was never beaten. A series by Mayaan Jaffe.

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Thousands of Jewish Israeli women marry Arabs, unwittingly entering a trap of torture. Mayaan Jaffe has spoken to some of the women who were fortunate to escape. The following is her 5th article in a series on the subject.

After two Arab boyfriends and two abortions, Tikvah considers herself lucky. She lost her family and spent several nights on the street, but she was never beaten and she made it out alive.

It all started in 1998 when Tikvah suffered from a vicious divorce and met Ahmed, an Arab construction worker from a prominent village in the Hebron area. In search of solace and companionship, this husband and father of five fit the bill. He rented Tikvah an apartment in the Jerusalem area, abandoned his family several nights per week to be with her, and secured her a job at a local office through his various connections.

When Tikvah's family found out, they said they wanted nothing to do with her, but Tikvah didn’t care. She began hanging around with Arabs and with other Jewish girls in similar situations. Then one day Tikvah discovered she was pregnant.

"I tried to hide the baby for four months," she says. "But I have diabetes and the pregnancy was hard for me. Furthermore, I knew deep down I didn't want a baby from an Arab."

Tikvah decided to have an abortion without the permission of her Arab boyfriend. The next thing she knew, her apartment was ransacked. "It was overnight. He heard of the abortion and the next day all my belongings were stolen and I was alone."

With nothing else to do, Tikvah phoned her mother. Reluctant to accept her daughter, she offered her daughter some cash to visit France and forget about her life with the Arabs. But after only a few days in France, Tikvah still felt alone. She phoned Ahmed and he told her beautiful things, convincing Tikvah he still desired her.

Upon her return a month-and-a-half later, Ahmed met Tikvah at the airport, driving drove her directly to his village and promising to cater to her every need. However, his wife had other ideas. She made Tikvah feel subordinate, forced her to do filthy housework and refused to allow Ahmed to sleep in the same room as her. Tikvah begged to return to the city and Ahmed took her. However, within days of her return her apartment was trashed once again.

Tikvah decided to make a clean break from the whole scene. She moved in with her mother again and promised to build a new life. She worked in her hometown for one year until an old friend introduced her to an Arab-Israeli doctor, Yasser, who quickly gratified her every need. They spent Shabbat together in hotels and ate at fancy restaurants, until Tikvah became pregnant once again.

Tikvah had a second abortion – and then Yasser called. Her mother realized that the story was not over, and a huge fight ensued, leading to the ultimate disgrace: "My mother called the police to have me arrested and taken away from her home… The police gave me five minutes to pack a bag and get out, or else they would take me to prison." She returned to Yasser, but it didn't last. "I was totally alone... I slept on my mother's doorstep for days... I shivered at night without a blanket."

"After several days of this a friend of mine, Avital, who was also dating an Arab, gave me a call. She said her parents had found out about her Arab boyfriend and disowned her. She was going to start a new life in Eilat, would I like to come. I had no other option, so I hitchhiked my way back to Jerusalem to meet her. When I got there she introduced me to a man named Avi who asked me if I wanted to stop dating Arabs and get my life back.

"I said yes and the next thing I knew I was in the Lev L'Achim hostel in the center of the country. I cried so much. I was so sad, but I really didn’t have a choice. It hurts me that I lost my family. I can never go back to my hometown. I feel like I am alone in the world.

"I wish I could do things over. Since I can't, I hope some girl will read this and take my advice: Never leave your family to date an Arab. In the end you will have nothing."

Lev L'Achim is an outreach organization working to bring the lost souls of Israel back to their roots.

Mayaan Jaffe runs Jaffe Reporting and PR.

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