Nearly 1,000 Residents Demand: Let The Army Win

The Gush Katif residents demonstrated outside Defense Ministry offices in Tel Aviv Sunday afternoon, demanding that the gov't allow the IDF to fight terrorists who have been pounding them daily.

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The main artery in front of the Defense Ministry, Kaplan Street, was closed off for two hours during the demonstration. The rally was generally peaceful, but “in one place, it was pretty nasty and several girls were beaten,” Hevron's spokesman David Wilder told Arutz-7. He said about half a dozen girls were arrested, although their alleged offense was not made clear.

The rally was quite noisy, however. The protestors spent a portion of their time banging on metal cans, making a tremendous racket "so that the Defense Minister
can hear what it's like to be constantly bombarded with mortar shells."

Over 5,000 mortar shells and rockets have been fired at the Jewish communities in Gaza since the outbreak of the war more than four years ago. Several children marched with remnants of some of the shells.

“If the army would act with the same intensity we are protesting, we wouldn’t have to be here today,” Wilder noted.

Arabs have recently intensified attacks on the Jewish communities in northern and southern Gaza as well as in the western Negev.

A Kassam rocket struck two houses of students in a Negev kibbutz Sunday morning, causing heavy damage to one of them. No was injured, but the kibbutz members are angry. “Our children are very fearful and naturally the parents also are,” said one kibbutz member.

The same story was repeated in Gush Katif, where people escaped injury despite several barrages of mortar shelling. A mortar shell hit Kfar Darom Sunday afternoon, and four more hit N'vei Dekalim and Netzarim last night. This morning (Monday), the shelling resumed with two bombs at Netzer Hazani, four more towards Atzmonah, and a barrage at Ganei Tal.

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