Adir Zik: Wake Up! It's a Border, Not a Security Fence

'Israel’s Rush Limbaugh' comes out strongly against separation fence, warning in actuality is final border foisted upon Israel public.

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“Let us be clear: [Prime Minister] Arik [Ariel] Sharon has already signed a commitment to the Europeans and Americans that he will return Israel to the pre-1967 borders (including [eastern] Jerusalem) with slight adjustments as demonstrated by the route of the separation fence,” wrote Zik in this past week’s B’Sheva newspaper. “The fence is not a security barrier, it is meant to be an international border between Israel and Palestine.”

“Gaza is just the first step,” wrote Zik, arguing that “facts on the ground” are being created even in places previously considered immune to abandonment, such as the Golan Heights and Jordan Valley. “If you travel today along the Jordan Valley road, where it meets the green line [near the Beit She’an Valley], you can see the actual border crossing [between Israel and a future PA state] that has been built there, ready for use. Bus service from Kiryat Shmona to Jerusalem through the Jordan Valley has already been cancelled. Buses serving Jordan Valley communities now come only once every two hours. Development funds for the Jordan Valley have been frozen completely. All of Judea and Samaria is being prepared for expulsion in the next phase. While Gush Etzion may be inside the fence for the time-being, everyone outside the fence is slated for uprooting and expulsion.”

Backing up his assertion of a commitment to a near-complete withdrawal from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, Zik cited the recent drastic shift in Israeli-European relations. “Our Foreign Minister is all of the sudden an honored guest throughout Europe, welcomed in the salons of European Union politicians and economists. How did this happen? Did the Europeans have some sort of divine revelation that has led to their repentance and sudden love for the Jewish people?” Zik asked. “It is the promised withdrawal from parts of the Land of Israel and the division of Jerusalem – that is the price promised to the Europeans, signed and sealed.”

Zik also reported an alarming development aimed at countering the strengthening movement encouraging the refusal of orders to expel Jews from their homes. “I have heard from trusted sources about the organization of military militias by the Israeli left. There is great concern in military echelons about a massive refusal of the transfer orders by religious and Sephardic combat soldiers who view such orders to be illegal. To counter this phenomenon, an operative program to establish militias made up of left-wing ideologues and kibbutz members who hate settlers is being put into action. If mass refusal takes place, the militias will be brought into the IDF and will act with force and decisiveness to push through the uprooting and expulsion.”

Zik wrote that although his claims sound alarmist, “I take upon myself full responsibility for the accuracy of every word of what I have written.”