MK Hendel: Sharon Capable of Open-Fire Orders on Jews

Despite the Likud vote, MK Tzvi Hendel, a resident of Gush Katif, still feels that the disengagement can be thwarted via political channels. He warns against what he feels Sharon is capable of.

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MK Tzvi Hendel (National Union) has not given up hope that a political way can be found to thwart the disengagement: "There are many ways in which this can happen," he told Arutz-7 today. "For instance, I believe there is a Likud-Labor agreement to keep Shas [the hareidi Sephardic party – ed.] out of the coalition. All that's required is for Shas to be kept out, many in the [traditionally right-wing and religious-leaning] Likud will rise up in protest... In general, I have no intention of giving up, Heaven forbid; let others give up."

MK Hendel was then asked about his recent bombshell – namely, his feeling that Prime Minister Sharon is perfectly capable of giving an order to open fire on Jews who resist the security forces who come to evacuate them from their homes. Hendel explained:
"Sharon has carried out this entire process in a dictatorial manner... and he won't have a problem giving such orders. I also heard there was an article in Ha'aretz saying that if 10-20 Jews will be killed [during the disengagement], it will be a worthwhile price to pay – and I'm not convinced that they didn't hear this in one way or another from the Prime Minister himself.

"It is typical of his character; this whole process was done for his personal and family benefit, in order to make sure that the police investigation against him would not lead to an indictment – after all, who would want to touch him when he's in the middle of such dramatic and important diplomatic moves? From the moment he made the decision to go in this direction, everything became kosher to him. No one can stop him; if the settlers dare to bother him – if thousands of them and their friends won't want to get on the trucks, or won’t want to load their dead onto the trucks, then he'll be capable of giving this order. I think that everyone who knows him knows that he is capable of giving such an order..."

Hendel explained why he is going public with this observation:
"My purpose is that the Likud members who are voting today should think once again before they place their ballot. They know Sharon, so let them think carefully to themselves, when they are alone with themselves: isn't it likely that this is probable? Let them realize what's on the table here - not just a political game within the Likud, but rather, one of the most dictatorial, ruthless processes in the history of the State. They should know that G-d has given them the opportunity to make the decision. I'm truly not worried; if they don't make the right decision, 'salvation will come from other quarters' - but they have the option of stopping this now. ... Many MKs, from both left and right, agreed with me that Sharon is definitely capable of this."

Segal concluded with a sigh, "MK Hendel, thank you, and we hope that you turn out to be wrong."

Hendel said, "I certainly will turn out to be wrong, because with G-d's help, there will never be even an attempt to expel anyone!"