Seven Mortar Shells Today ? "and the World is Silent"

Seven mortar shells were fired from PA-controlled areas in southern Gaza at Jewish communities this morning, and another two in the north. "The world is silent," dryly sums up the website.

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No one was hurt in the rocket attacks.

Veteran Gaza resident Avi Farhan said today,
"Following yesterday's miracle in which rockets were fired and hit a kindergarten in northern Gaza [no one was physically hurt – ed.], two more shells were fired at a neighboring town today.

"We expected that Arik Sharon and [Defense Minister] Sha'ul Mofaz would instruct the IDF to enter [PA-controlled] Beit Lahiya and instill some order. We're sure that if there were similar rockets on a nursery in Sderot, the IDF would have already been in action in these areas. But apparently the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister don't want to upset the Likud convention today, or possibly they don't want to intervene in the one-sided 'hudna' ceasefire [being talked about by the PA].

"In any event, as long as the shells only land on Jewish areas in Gaza, it's apparently OK not to respond."

Rabbi Yishai Bar-Hen, northern Gaza's regional rabbi, will light tonight's three Chanukah candles at a large menorah in Elei Sinai, at the spot where the most recent rocket fell.

Last night, four terrorists were sighted approaching the Israeli-Egyptian border from the Egyptian side. IDF soldiers opened fire, hitting at least two of them. Somewhat later, after midnight, an IDF force saw another terror cell approaching from the Gaza side, with the apparent goal of meeting up with the Egyptian smugglers. The Israeli force again opened fire, and verified hits against at least three of them.