Intelligence Report: Hizbullah Active in Israel for Four Years

An intelligence report prepared two months ago indicates that the Lebanese terrorist organization Hizbullah has been active for more than four years in attempts to infiltrate Israel from within.

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The report shows that in the wake of Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon in late May 2000, Hizbullah and Iran realized the "explosive potential" available in the Israeli-Arab population. Full-fledged citizens with complete mobility throughout the country, the Arabs of Israel were seen as a perfect way of enhancing Hizbullah's ability to strike out at Israel.

This feeling was magnified in October 2000, just after the beginning of the Oslo War, when 13 Arabs were killed during several days of anti-Jewish rioting and violence.

Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman reports that Hizbullah terrorist chieftain Sheikh Nasrallah made his intentions clear after two car-bomb attempts in one day in September 1999. The cars exploded within an hour of each other in Haifa and Tiberias, killing only the Arab perpetrators, though the plan was for dozens of passersby to be murdered. Five Israeli-Arabs were arrested. Nasrallah praised the Israeli-Arab populace at the time, saying that these "'sacrifice actions' for the 'sanctification of Allah's name' caused fear and trembling amidst the Zionist entity, because the perpetrators were Palestinians whose lands were conquered in 1948."

Hizbullah feels that there are two advantages in utilizing the terrorist services of Israeli-Arabs. For one thing, their mobility gives them an important advantage in collecting quality intelligence. In addition, major terror attacks by Israeli citizens shake Israel's societal and political stability.

Israeli intelligence has it that Hizbullah activates an entire line of collaborators within Israel, for three purposes: The establishment and expansion of terror cells in Israel, smuggling of arms and weapons into Israel, and providing logistical and operative aid to terror groups from within the PA-controlled areas.

With direction and aid from Iran, Hizbullah has been active over the past several years in finding Israeli-Arabs who wish to participate in anti-Israeli terror activities. Many Israeli-Arabs have been involved in Hizbullah terror activities over the past few years. This past December, an Israeli-Arab was indicted for taking part in military training for ten days in Lebanon. Another Arab was recently enlisted by Hizbullah to organize suicide attacks and bombings, while at the same time smuggling arms to various areas in pre-'67 Israel.

Huberman notes that two years ago, a cell of Arabs from the Galilee village of Abu Sinana was uncovered. Run from Lebanon by Hizbullah, the cell was charged with gathering intelligence on IDF soldiers and movements, and placing bombs at soldiers' bus stops and in an army base.

It was released for publication yesterday that an Arab citizen of Israel, from the village of Baka Al-Gharbia just west of the northern Shomron, was arrested last month for spying on behalf of Iran.