US Public Sector Selects Israeli Firms

The United States Postal Service (USPS) and the US Navy have become the latest two American governmental entities to choose Israeli companies.

, | updated: 13:30

The United States Postal Service (USPS) and the US Navy, it was announced this month, have become the latest two American national entities to choose Israeli companies for their technological needs.

The USPS has selected Motorola Israel from among nine competitors to provide $300 million in scanning and tracking systems over the next three years. The development and manufacture of the systems is concentrated in Israel, in Motorola's mobile data communications division. The Motorola scanning systems will replace those of Lockheed Martin and Symbol.

With $68.5 billion in annual turnover, the USPS is the largest mail delivery company in the world. It is also already Motorola's largest client in the sector, having received more than $1 billion in devices from the firm. Motorola Israel dominates more than half the overall market, with contracts involving the German postal service, Deutsche Post, Federal Express, DHL and Airborne.

The systems selected by the USPS can read complex bar codes on packages and provide detailed information using a camera, instead of the currently widespread laser readers. A Motorola device will also accept signatures on its screen, transmitting the signed form to the company's computer center via electronic transmission.

In addition to checking the mail, the US public sector looks to Israeli companies for defense related technologies, as well. The US Navy has selected Israel Military Industries (IMI) to supply an improved tactical air-launched missile decoy (ITALD) system. The deal, worth $1.3 million, is the most recent of $100 million in orders from IMI by the US Navy.

ITALD is an advanced model of the TALD missile used against Iraqi antiaircraft systems in the 1991 and 2003 Gulf Wars. The ITALD is launched by attack fighters to decoy enemy ground-to-air missile systems, in preparation for air attack missions. The long range ITALD can maneuver for 35 minutes, based on satellite navigation. In 1996, IMI was recognized as the sole developer of these systems for the US Navy and the global market. IMI is preparing to develop an even more advanced model and continued serial manufacturing, financed by the US Navy.

IMI is modern Israel's first defense equipment manufacturer, established in 1933, even before the Jewish state itself, to provide self-defense equipment for the organized Jewish community.