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Practicing the Eviction

Border Guard forces are already training to evacuate and demolish Jewish communities and outposts. An exercise was held last night, described by observers to be "painful" to watch.

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Border Guard forces are already training to evacuate and demolish Jewish communities and outposts. The Yediot Acharonot newspaper reported today that a mock "settlement" is being erected in an army base on which to practice eviction of Jews from their homes. Eyewitnesses to a training exercise last night - soldiers in the northern-Negev army base in which the exercise was held - recounted that a large Border Guard unit split up into two parts. One of the groups played the part of the soldiers, and the other were the "settlers" who were to be evicted. The "settlers" cried out nationalist slogans, while the "soldiers" followed orders to use great force and show no hesitation. "It was very painful to see this," one soldier told Arutz-7. "They did it in the middle of the base, in front of everyone. Some of them had real hatred in their eyes."

The soldiers said that as the exercise continued, religious and Yesha-resident soldiers began arguing with the Border Guard commanders about it. The soldiers called aloud for the Border Guardsmen to "train for a war against Arabs, and not against Jews." The unit commander attempted to explain that the exercise was not necessarily designed for the eviction of Jews, but also for possible clashes with Arabs.

The Yediot Acharonot report states that the training camp to be opened will include typical features often found in Yesha towns, such as watchtowers, caravans, memorial monuments, and synagogues. The soldiers will train for violent clashes with Jewish residents, for breaking into homes that may be mined or barricaded, and the like. The plan is to try to collect all weapons from the residents two weeks before the scheduled expulsion date. Police and Border Guard forces, headed by Deputy Police Commander Gabi Orgil, will be responsible for the actual eviction, while army forces will defend them.