Arabs vs. Arabs: Arafat?s Cousin Targeted

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, | updated: 19:57

Internal Arab warfare reignited last night when Yassar Arafat’s cousin Moussa Arafat narrowly escaped death in an assassination attempt.

A car bomb exploded near his convoy in Gaza City in what was at least the second attempt on his life. Last year, Moussa Arafat accused his enemies of firing a rocket in his office, when he also survived without injury. One of his main enemies is Palestinian minister Mohammed Dahlan although Arafat did not name him as being behind last night’s assassination attempt.

PLO leader Yassar Arafat last July was forced to cancel the appointment of his embattled cousin as head of security in Gaza after civil war broke out between opposing groups, including kidnappings, gun battles and a mob attack on Moussa Arafat's security headquarters. He is widely considered one of the most corrupt Palestinian officials.

Last night’s attempt on Moussa Arafat was the first time a remote control device has been used in a car bomb blast on Gaza for a decade.