IDF: Terrorists Use UN Property

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, | updated: 17:31

"The abuse by terrorists of UN property and insignia is a recurring phenomenon," an IDF spokesman said today, while conceding that the army erred last week in claiming that terrorists loaded a Kassam rocket on to a UN ambulance.
Israel made the ambulance charge after an unclear video showed a long object being placed into an ambulance. UN officials said at the time that the object was only a stretcher - but they also admitted employing Hamas terrorist organization members.

A Reuters video shown on Israeli television last May clearly shows Arab gunmen boarding a UN ambulance. The film was taken the same night terrorists exploded an Israel armored personnel carrier, killing Israeli soldiers.
On May 14, Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said that Arabs in PLO-controlled areas used UNRWA ambulances to steal body parts of Israeli soldiers. Four years ago, Hizbullah terrorists disguised as UN peacekeepers used UN vehicles to kidnap and murder three Israeli soldiers.

Arab terrorists repeatedly have used Red Crescent ambulances in attacks on Israel, often transporting explosives and terrorists disguised as sick patients or pregnant women.