PA TV Teaches Mothers to Encourage Kids to Become ´Martyrs´

Some of the most prominent violence and martyrdom promotion clips have returned to Palestinian Authority TV.

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Last week Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported the return of the infamous "Farewell Letter" clip, encouraging children to aspire to Shahada (Martyrdom for Allah). That clip attempts to make “martyrdom” appear desirable to children. Now PA TV has started to air an old clip glorifying violence, killing, and Shahada - this time from a mother's perspective.

The video clip features five civilian (non-uniformed) gunmen, armed with automatic rifles, who set out to murder Israelis. One of the gunmen is seen running towards Israeli fire until he attacks the Israelis with a hand grenade, after which, in slow motion, he is shot and falls dead to the ground.

When his body is brought to his mother, she kisses him and raises her hand above her mouth and calls out the traditional Arab call of joy. Afterwards, she stoically hands the rifle to the next in line, presumably also her next son, to continue fighting and dying.

To view the PA TV clip click here.

This clip is now airing almost daily, together with the "Farewell Letter" clip, which is complementary, in that it delivers the same message, but from the child's perspective. This clip shows a child expressing his desire to die in which he explicitly tells his mother in his letter to be joyous: "Mother don't cry over me, be joyous over my blood." Incidentally, the clip showing the mother's perspective depicts her expressing joy over her child's Shahada death.

Many mothers have been interviewed on PA TV explaining why they are joyous over their sons’ Shahada deaths. Varied reasons are given, and these interviews may be viewed on the PMW site. Some of the reasons expressed by mothers include:

“ It brings honor to all the family members "People say -'There is the mother of the Shahid'..."

“ A mother wants the best for her son, and as a Shahid he achieves the maximum. Also, Allah wills that he go on Jihad.”

“ He had no one to marry in this world so he wanted to marry the 72 ‘dark eye maidens’ of Paradise.”

“For years the Palestinian Authority has been using its media outlets to encourage children to seek heroic Shahada death,” says Itamar Marcus, Director of PMW, “while encouraging parents to express joy at having their children die Shahada death.”