Two Soldiers Wounded in Suicide Bicycle Attack

Two IDF soldiers "bodily prevented an attack in Israel's homefront," and were wounded in the process when a suicide terrorist riding a bicycle blew himself up. <font size=-2> archive photo</font>

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, | updated: 10:06

Alert IDF soldiers prevented a suicide terrorist from crossing through the partition fence this morning - but two of them were wounded in the process, one of them in moderate condition.

The incident occurred at 7:15 this morning near Kalkilye, east of Herzliya. The soldiers at the new underground passage built for Arab farmers from the PA-controlled areas noticed a suspicious bicyclist approaching and called for him to stop. They then fired in the air, and the terrorist then ran towards the soldiers and detonated himself as he approached a military jeep. The wounded soldiers, suffering mainly from burns, were taken to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikvah.

The local IDF commander said afterwards, "The soldiers bodily prevented a major attack on the Israeli home front. The terrorists take cynical advantage of our willingness to make humanitarian gestures."

The dead terrorist was a member of the Al Aksa Brigades of Fatah. IDF forces also killed three leading Tanzim terrorists yesterday in Jenin, including the second-in-command to the infamous Zakaria Zubeidi.

NRP Party Chairman MK Effie Eitam said in response to the attack, "This proves that all the ideas of disengagement are not practical, and in fact give a supportive wind to terrorism. The terror organizations will say that just like we ran away from Lebanon, and just like we're retreating from Gush Katif, we will also end up running from other parts of the Land."